Successful HPC Fieldview Seminar

On Wednesday, 22.06.2016, Intelligent Light (USA) and CFD Consultants GmbH have held a HPC Fieldview Seminar with the topic „„Speed Up Production of CFD Workflows with Extract-Based Post-Processing“ in Frankfurt.

Steve M. Leginsky, founder and General Manager of Intelligent Light (USA), Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Fieldview Product Chief and Brad Whitlock, developer of HPC Fieldview and VisIt introduced exclusively the newest developments in the area of Post-Processings. Our customers get to know in this seminar our new Softwareproduct HPC Fieldview in detail and had the chance to get in exchange with the developers. At the end there were a lot of satisfied people who enjoyed the exchange of information and the nice conversations.

More information about our colleagues from Intelligent Light, click here:

CFD-Consultants GmbH affix the seal of the “Stifterverband”

Companies with a great engagement in development and research will be decorated with the seal “Innovation through research” from the Stifterverband.

Since a couple of years CFD-Consultants is active in the area of research and development. This is the reason CFD-Consultants get this seal. The variety of CFD Consultants last from public promoted research projects to experiments as well as supporting students with their Master’s Thesis (e.g. in aerodynamics) from well-respected Universities.

Referred to the slogan of the Stifterverband:

Only someone who is researching can explore new things and can create innovation and growth.