High Performance Computing: Hawk to replace Hazel Hen at HLRS

The High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart announces in a press release the construction of the world’s fastest supercomputer for industrial production. The new supercomputer Hawk is being built in cooperation with the market leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and, with a theoretical peak performance of 24 petaFLOPS, will be about 3.5 times faster than the current supercomputer Hazel Hen.

CFD Consultants GmbH will thus be able to carry out flow simulations with several 100 million grid cells in a very short computing time for the development processes of our customers.

Press release HLRS

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Workshop “Development of CFD-Calculation Models”

CFD Consultants GmbH has been developing CFD calculation models for more than 20 years. With these models we simulate and analyze flow processes and related phenomena across all industries. Profit from this experience!

Gain insight into our procedures, into the potentials and limits of CFD methodology as well as into the latest developments in this field. On 12.12.2018 we will be holding the

Workshop “Development of CFD Simulation Models”

The cost is EUR 350,00 per person, the number of participants is limited to eight. The registration takes place informally by email to cfd@cfdconsultants.de until 03.12.2018 at the latest, agenda and details can be seen in our Flyer.

Please note: A professional flight simulator is available on our premises. After the workshop there is the possibility to take a “trial flight” and dive into the world of commercial aviation!

We are looking forward to your registrations, with best regards

Volker Kassera