CFD Postprocessing in companies

In a company that deals with numerical flow simulations (CFD), the question of a suitable tool for displaying the calculation results quickly arises.

The large providers of flow simulation software, such as ANSYS CFX, ANSYS FluentFLOW-3D®, OpenFOAM or STAR-CCM+ each offer internal program options for the evaluation and visualization of simulation results. However, engineers in companies often use different solvers to accomplish the various calculation tasks.

In order to ensure an effective workflow, software tools are available which are able to process calculation results independently of the solver.

As a service provider for flow simulations, we have been using FIELDVIEW from Intelligent Light for more than 20 years. We appreciate FIELDVIEW’s ease of use, the high degree of automation possibilities when comparing calculation results of geometry variants and the handling of large and very large amounts of data in client-server mode.

The current version FIELDVIEW 18 is characterized by improved performance, more data analysis options, and significantly enhanced display options. By specifying materials and the ability to display reflections, photorealistic representations of geometry can now be coupled with the complete range of flow analysis results.

Workshop “Development of CFD-Calculation Models”

CFD Consultants GmbH has been developing CFD calculation models for more than 20 years. With these models we simulate and analyze flow processes and related phenomena across all industries. Profit from this experience!

Gain insight into our procedures, into the potentials and limits of CFD methodology as well as into the latest developments in this field. On 12.12.2018 we will be holding the

Workshop “Development of CFD Simulation Models”

The cost is EUR 350,00 per person, the number of participants is limited to eight. The registration takes place informally by email to until 03.12.2018 at the latest, agenda and details can be seen in our Flyer.

Please note: A professional flight simulator is available on our premises. After the workshop there is the possibility to take a “trial flight” and dive into the world of commercial aviation!

We are looking forward to your registrations, with best regards

Volker Kassera

Successful HPC FieldView Seminar

On Wednesday, 22.06.2016, Intelligent Light (USA) and CFD Consultants GmbH have held a HPC Fieldview Seminar with the topic „„Speed Up Production of CFD Workflows with Extract-Based Post-Processing“ in Frankfurt.

Steve M. Leginsky, founder and General Manager of Intelligent Light (USA), Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Fieldview Product Chief and Brad Whitlock, developer of HPC Fieldview and VisIt introduced exclusively the newest developments in the area of Post-Processings. Our customers get to know in this seminar our new Softwareproduct HPC Fieldview in detail and had the chance to get in exchange with the developers. At the end there were a lot of satisfied people who enjoyed the exchange of information and the nice conversations.

More information about our colleagues from Intelligent Light, click here: