Dr. Volker Kassera appointed to the NAFEMS CFD Advisory Board

The managing director of CFD Consultants GmbH, Dr. Volker Kassera, was appointed to the NAFEMS Computational Advisory Board (CAB) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) in the middle of this year.

NAFEMS is an international organization promoting the safe and reliable application of simulation methods such as Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamis (CFD). NAFEMS originally stood for “National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards”. Founded in Great Britain in 1983, NAFEMS has long since developed into an international society for the promotion of computational simulation.

NAFEMS is a neutral institution that is independent of software and hardware providers.

It promotes the use of computer simulation, represents the interests of FEM and CFD users in industry, involves universities and research institutes in its activities and maintains contact with system providers. NAFEMS has over 950 member companies and institutions and has also been present in Germany since 1996, as a national representative and link to the “International Association for the Engineering Community”, to which NAFEMS has since transformed itself. (Source: NAFEMS)

The CAB is a neutral platform for the discussion of CFD topics in a specialist group and an independent platform for the joint implementation of independent activities.

CAB Members (Source: NAFEMS)

  • Arzu Avci (Festo)
  • Werner Dirschmid (Consultant)
  • Albrecht Gill (Ansys Germany)
  • Torsten Grahs (Volkswagen)
  • Ulrich Heck (DHCAE)
  • Burkhard Hupertz (Ford)
  • Jens Iseler (Dassault Systémes)
  • Uwe Janoske (University of Wuppertal)
  • Volker Kassera (CFD Consultants)
  • Gangolf Kohnen (DHBW Mosbach)
  • Boris Marovic (Mentor Graphics)
  • Stefan Rudolph (Cascate)
  • Christoph Starke (Siemens PLM Software)
  • Rainer Stauch (Esslingen University of Applied Sciences)
  • Markus Stephan (DHBW Mosbach)
  • Arthur Stück (DLR Institute for Software Methods for Product Virtualization)